2 Stocks to Trade Ahead, During and After the Holiday Season

Cam White | September 27, 2021

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The holiday season might still be about two months away, but the stock market is already starting to price that into its value.

I mean, the market’s a forward-looking mechanism that prices in anything that’s known ahead of time.

It’s another way of saying “buy the rumor, sell the fact.”

But this just so happens to be accurate in highly efficient markets like ours. So I tend to gauge the big winners a full quarter ahead of the holidays. This lets me come up with a hit list and game plan to find hidden gems in the stock market ahead of time.

And I’ve already found a few names that’ll make bank this go-round…

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2 Hidden Gems in the Stock Market This Holiday Season

We all know this year has been a little different than most…

We’re still trying to make heads or tails out of the pandemic, supply chains around the world are completely fragmented, and inflation is proving to be anything but transitory. Or, at least, that is what my wallet keeps telling me.

But there’s some good news, too…

Retail data shows solid gains, consumer inflation appears to be slowing down (I’ll cross my fingers and hope I don’t jinx us). And most importantly, the sector leading the market right now is Consumer Discretionary.

This industry also typically leads the market during bullish phases.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the first hidden gem in the stock market is Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. (NYSE: BBW).

It’s a leading, national company that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

I’ve gotten to know this company well because I have an 8-year-old daughter who’s obsessed with these darn bears. And they’re not cheap, either…

BBW’s one-year return is 586% and earnings surprises have been epic the past four quarters!

It looks like momentum is driving the stock even higher, so I have a price target of about $25 per share over the next three months, which would give us about a 20% return on the stock and a good cheer for the holidays.

Check out my short video below to see the next hidden gem in the stock market!

Just so you know, I try to avoid companies that are vulnerable to major supply chain bottlenecks. So I anticipate more upside over the next quarter from these two names.

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