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Oil ETFs: One of the Best Ways to Invest in Crude

Crude oil prices surged to fresh 2019 highs.

All after the Trump Administration announced that that oil buyers in Turkey, South Korea, China, India, and Japan must end their imports from Iran or face potential U.S. sanctions. 



Trump Trade: Why Infrastructure Stocks Could Pop

Never ignore President Trump news. 

It may just lead to your next profitable opportunity.

For example, he just released his 2020 budget, which includes a call for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. 


Lyft IPO: You Would Have Made More Money this Way

Investors chased Lyft Inc. (LYFT) out of the gate to $80.75.

'This is a lightning start for Lyft's stock as investors are salivating [over] owning a piece of the $1 trillion ride sharing market,' Wedbush managing director Dan Ives told CNBC.

Top Winners in the Cannabis Supply-Demand Challenge

Months after Canada legalized cannabis, the country is running low.

However, this is nothing new.  Canada has been struggling with cannabis shortages since recreational cannabis was approved in October 2018. Provinces, which control the distribution and sales of cannabis just aren’t seeing enough product from producers to meet demand.



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