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The Most Ridiculous Options Trading Myths

Unbelievably, traders are still scared to death of options.

They’d have rather made 36% when Square Inc.’s (SQ) stock jumped from $55 to $75 rather than the 135% they could have made from a March 2019 call option.



These Trades Go Up when the Market Goes Down

When it comes to trading, nothing is ever a guarantee.

Markets can hit all-time highs one day, only to plummet the next. And with no crystal ball to tell what’s going to happen one day to the next, we need to be prepared for whatever may happen.


The Top Three ETFs Capitalizing on the eSports Boom

The eSports craze is catching on fast – and investors would be wise to pay close attention.

“Last year, nearly 400 million people watched esports competitions, Needham said. At the same time, 250 million people played Fortnite. The popular battle royale video game helped drive esports revenue last year, as the category is set to bring in $1.1 billion this year – up about 22% from 2018,” as noted by CNBC.

Here’s Why Oil Prices Aren’t Likely to Move Much

Oil was a fickle trade in October 2019. 

On one end, we have rising tensions in the Middle East. Iran claimed Saudi Arabia struck one of its tankers in the Red Sea just weeks after a devastating attack on major Saudi oil fields that were blamed on Iran. The U.S. then announced it would send fighter jets and air defense systems to the Saudis to help defend themselves again potential Iran attacks.



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