Quantum Cannabis: Driving the Cannabis Retail Experience in Canada

Cam White | June 15, 2021

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As the movement to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana spreads across the world, Canada is leading the way. Canada was the first G7 nation to legalize the adult recreational use of cannabis in 2018. After a few expected regulatory and supply chain hurdles, the industry is stabilizing, and poised for massive growth.

With regulatory and supply bottlenecks resolved, the next opportunity in Canada is brick-and-mortar retail.

The dominant retailers in this space will provide superior product knowledge, consistent supply of fresh product, a wide variety of product offerings, a pleasant retail experience and legendary customer service. 

Enter Quantum Cannabis Corporation (CSE: QQ)

Quantum Cannabis Corp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quizam Media, a leading provider of Online Corporate Training services. After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Quizam provided cannabis education videos to the British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB), a long-time client.

The next logical step was to apply best-practice retail concepts to the Canadian cannabis industry, and thus Quantum Cannabis was born.

Just a few years later, Quantum I operates 5 retail operations in British Columbia, with one more location targeted to open this year. The Quantum I model is enjoying impressive revenue  growth, and the retail model is poised for expansion across Canada.

Quantum I is Driving Cannabis Retail in British Columbia

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Quantum I currently operates 5 retail locations in British Columbia, with another location planned to open soon, pending approval in Vancouver.

Each location has a diverse and plentiful supply of inventory, coupled with knowledgeable staff and unsurpassed customer service and a “no quibble” product return policy.

This combination of superior product quality and availability, product knowledge and customer service is producing customer loyalty and is the driving force behind impressive revenue growth.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Most recently, Quizam Media reported a 672% increase in Q3 revenue growth, compared against revenues in Q3 2020. “This has been QQ’s most successful sales quarter in history and we are seeing a rapid growth rate is increasing quarter after quarter,” stated President and CEO Russ Rossi. “We are proud of our unique consumer experience with increased traffic and repeat customers attracted to our broad product lines and unique offerings that are in high demand.”

Meet the Management Team

Quantum I has a Board and Management Team with decades of entrepreneurial experience in brand development, finance, legal and regulatory issues, IT and retail management.

This team is strategically poised to drive the direction of Quantum 1 throughout future phases of expansion.

“In 2021, our primary goal is to open a number of new locations in high traffic areas providing a leading customer experience in addition to adding new product offerings to our chain of stores,” added Russ Rossi. “We see great opportunities in one of the fastest growing sectors in North America.”

The Road Ahead

Currently, the cannabis industry contributes $14.6 Billion (Canadian) to the nation’s economy, up from $8 Billion. In British Columbia, month-over-month retail sales are skyrocketing, with Quantum I poised to grab its share of the market.

The Future of Cannabis Retail has Arrived!

In a marketplace that demands premium products and customer service, Quantum I is poised to be a leader in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

The key elements driving the growth of Quantum I will continue to be:

  • Customer Service – Staff goes through rigorous customer service and product training to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their experience at Quantum 1.
  • Technology – Multiple software systems provide state-of-the art retail operations control, analytics and regulatory information.
  • Experience – From entrepreneurial business pioneers, to cannabis and retail experts Quantum I has the experience to manage every facet of cannabis retail operations.
  • Price – Products are priced to meet every consumer. Having a large footprint also allows Quantum I to secure better prices, thus passing on savings to customers.
  • Brand – with 5 locations in British Columbia, and more opening soon, the Quantum I brand is being recognized as a go-to destination, and driving repeat customers.
  • Returns – A “no quibble” return policy makes returns and exchanges easy and effortless. Customers may return the products for a full refund or exchange.
  • Fresh Inventory – Their ‘just-in-time” inventory system ensures the delivery of fresh product every week. No stale inventory. Software analytics assist in making sure that inventory is fresh, balanced and available.