Innovative Tech Company Launches Next Generation Threat Detection Solutions for Public Safety

wlthempire | July 12, 2021

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Liberty Defense Holdings

Whenever we go shopping, go to school, attend sporting events or concerts or take public transportation, we are exposed to potential threats from criminals armed with guns, explosives or knives.

It’s the age we are living in. You can’t read the news without the headlines covering the mass shooting of the day. Crime rates are soaring in public venues where victims are randomly killed by armed criminals.

In 2001, Richard Reid (aka “The Shoe Bomber”) changed our lives when he unsuccessfully attempted to detonate a bomb concealed in his shoes on board American Airlines flight 63 from Paris to Miami. Ever since, passengers are required to take their shoes off before going through airport security (unless they’re in TSA PreCheck). Again, these are the times we live in.

A key to public safety is to identify concealed weapons and neutralize threats before the violence happens.

Introducing Liberty Defense Holdings (OTCQB:LDDFF)

Imagine technology that is so sensitive that it can detect and identify concealed metal or plastic guns, knives or bombs and quickly communicate to cameras and security officials where the suspect is and the exact nature of the threat.

Using active 3D imaging and AI/deep learning algorithms, almost all threats are identified  in real-time.

Rifles, handguns, 3D-printed ghost guns, knives, pipe bombs (IEDs), flares and other potential threats need to be quickly identified in real-time so that law enforcement can respond to the threat before a mass casualty event happens.

Yes you read that correctly, Liberty’s HEXWAVE technology picks up metallic and non-metallic objects unlike any other technology out there.

This new revolutionary technology can scan over 1,000 people per hour per portal, far faster than conventional screening methods currently used for entering concerts or events.

Screening at speed – people can now be screened in large venues at the speed of walking with far fewer pat-downs needed. All threats are alerted, and shoes can be scanned without the need to take them off.

This new scanning technology is presently being tested in a wide variety of venues and will be commercially available in 2022.

Remember the Shoe Bomber?

Richard Reid – Source: Wikipedia

Ever since Richard Reid unsuccessfully tried detonating a bomb in his shoes, most airport travelers have had to take their shoes off at the airport security checkpoint.

That may soon become a thing of the past.

Liberty Defense Holdings has recently licensed a proprietary shoe scanning technology developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that can identify potential threats without the need to take your shoes off.


Shoe Scan

“Part of the challenge we overcame was detecting the threat inside of a shoe. You have multiple layers, tread patterns, all of those distort the images so we were able to optimize our systems to overcome that,” Mark Jones, Chief Engineer at PNNL explained.

This new technology could speed up the screening process by about 20%. This revolutionary shoe scanning technology is licensed to Liberty Defense Holdings.

Introducing Liberty Defense HEXWAVE Technology

HEXWAVE has been developed by Liberty Defense Holdings and will revolutionize security anywhere large groups of people can assemble.

As people walk past the HEXWAVE scanners, they are safely scanned with a low power signal. The reflected images are processed using 3D imaging data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning algorithms. When concealed objects are identified, they are compared against a library of known threats, both metallic and non-metallic, including

  • Rifles and Shotguns
  • Handguns (full-size, compact, sub-compact, 3D printed “ghost guns”)
  • IEDs including metal pipe bombs or plastic IEDs
  • Flares and smoke bombs

If a threat is confirmed, then alerts are generated, notifying nearby security officials and law enforcement. Hexwave technology also has Smart IOT functionality, allowing the platform to integrate with existing security systems to enhance public safety.

The Liberty Defense HEXWAVE platform is a next generation security screening solution that can be used anywhere that crowds gather, including stadiums, schools, hospitals, places of worship, government buildings, warehouses, etc. HEXWAVE offers key advantages over existing technology:

  • Automated detection of concealed metallic and non-metallic threats, including explosives and IED’s
  • Generates 3D imaging data for Automatic Threat Detection (AI/Deep Learning), reducing the number of “false alarms” leading to pat-downs and delays. Achieves 1,000+ people / hour throughput
  • Indoor and outdoor use, while enabling a stand-off and layered security capability
  • Contactless and harmless
  • Preserves privacy (no personally identifiable information is collected, stored, or shown)
  • Multiple configuration options: stand-alone, networked, relocatable / mobile
  • Smart IOT functionality and capability to interact / integrate with existing security systems

HEXWAVE technology is currently being deployed and tested at stadiums, law enforcement facilities, places of worship, ports, convention centers and other places where mass gatherings can occur.


Essential Technologies for Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security has an urgent need to upgrade the speed and accuracy of screening, and is the driving force behind the development of the Hexwave and shoe scanning technologies licensed by Liberty Defense Holdings.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) funded the development of these technologies at the Department of Energy (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. of Atlanta, Georgia, was granted a license to commercialize both technologies.

“DHS S&T has invested in developing the next generation screening HD-AIT and shoe scanner that offer significant improvements to current systems,” said John Fortune, S&T’s Screening-at-Speed program manager. “Reducing false alarms, and thus needing fewer secondary screenings, also means less direct contact between travelers and security personnel.”

Through development of these new systems, S&T is pushing the boundaries of technology, architecture, and industry partnerships to meet TSA’s current and future challenges and improve the screening experience for both travelers and screeners. (Read the Full DHS Press Release Here).

Dept. of Homeland Security Announces Award for Liberty Defense Corp.

The 2020 HLS awardees include:

  • Liberty Defense Technologies (Peachtree Corners, Georgia) and Levitection (Haifa, Israel) will develop a detection solution based on electromagnetic imaging and artificial intelligence to detect threats and concealed items in wide-open areas.
  • Hivemapper (Burlingame, California) and Ception Technologies (Jerusalem, Israel) will develop a fused air and ground 3D mapping system.

Read the full DHS press release here:

HEXWAVE Technology vs. the Competition

At a price less than expensive Airport Millimeter Wave Scanners (MMW), Hexwave checks off all of the boxes, including a high throughput of people, greater than 1,000 people per hour and outdoor use.

This makes Liberty’s HEXWAVE an essential screening tool for identifying concealed weapons in high traffic venues like stadiums, airports, convention centers and schools.

Experienced Management Team

Liberty Defense Holdings has a management team with extensive experience in defense engineering solutions. Both the CEO, Bill Frain and President Michael Lanzarro were VP’s at securrity technology company L3 (LHX-NYSE). Every aspect of product developing, engineering and manufacturing is managed by industry experts.

The Market for HEXWAVE Technology is Enormous

A Robust Business Model

The Next Generation of Security is Here!

In the months and years to come, this revolutionary screening technology has the potential to be implemented almost anywhere large numbers of people congregate.

Concealed weapons threats will be identified in real-time. Cameras can be trained on the suspect. Law enforcement is immediately identified. In some cases, security doors can be automatically locked if a threat is identified.

All of this makes us safer in America, and eventually around the world.