Support And Resistance Trading Tactics

Cam White | October 11, 2021

Support And Resistance Trading Methods Work In Range Bound Markets One of the best ways for beginners to get their feet wet is to learn simple support and resistance trading strategies. Often times beginners who know very little about financial markets begin with advanced techniques that can land them in hot water very quickly if […]

Best Technical Analysis Methods for Options Trading

Cam White | October 4, 2021

Unlike traditional assets, options offer traders the flexibility that comes with different calls, puts, strike prices and expiration dates; not to mention the ability to create hundreds of different types of spreads and combinations to take advantage of different types of market conditions, volatility disparity as well as seasonal tendencies. Most options traders anticipate three […]

2 Stocks to Trade Ahead, During and After the Holiday Season

Cam White | September 27, 2021

The holiday season might still be about two months away, but the stock market is already starting to price that into its value. I mean, the market’s a forward-looking mechanism that prices in anything that’s known ahead of time. It’s another way of saying “buy the rumor, sell the fact.” But this just so happens to […]

How to Pick Winning Stocks

Cam White | September 21, 2021

Pick Winning Stocks With Simple Stock Market Analysis Tools Stock traders are always on the lookout for ways to improve their trading. There are hundreds of different Stock Market Analysis Tools to choose from when analyzing stocks and the stock market in general. Each week I get emails from around the world advertising new and […]

The Best ETF Swing Trading Indicators

Cam White | September 6, 2021

There are several different type of indicators that ETF traders use for market entry and exit. Most ETF indicators are based on technical analysis and technical chart patterns This report will outline the basic type of indicators that work best for ETF Swing Trading. Before I get into specifics, you need to understand that here are three basic type […]

How To Choose The Right Put Option

Cam White | August 31, 2021

Most traders focus on making money when underlying markets move higher, but most professional and seasoned traders focus equally on both sides of the market. You have to consider the fact that financial markets move down faster than they rise, giving you tremendous opportunity to profit from both sides of the market. Thereby, increasing your […]

The Best Swing Trading System In The World

Cam White | August 24, 2021

The Best Swing Trading System In The World During the last few months, I received over one hundred emails from traders asking me what the best swing trading system is and how they can purchase or create such a system for themselves. I thought I would write an article detailing this important topic so traders […]

Identifying High Probability Breakout Stocks

Cam White | August 17, 2021

Highest Probability Patterns For Breakout Stocks Finding breakout stocks is both an art and a science. Traders rely on visual analysis as well as technical indicators to help them find high probability set ups that produce less false breakout signals. Inside Day Pattern The first pattern is a bullish inside day pattern. The pattern is […]

Innovative Tech Company Launches Next Generation Threat Detection Solutions for Public Safety

Cam White | July 12, 2021

Liberty Defense Holdings Exchanges: TSXV:SCAN; OTCQB:LDDFF; FWB:LD2 Whenever we go shopping, go to school, attend sporting events or concerts or take public transportation, we are exposed to potential threats from criminals armed with guns, explosives or knives. It’s the age we are living in. You can’t read the news without the headlines covering the mass […]

Quantum Cannabis: Driving the Cannabis Retail Experience in Canada

Cam White | June 15, 2021

As the movement to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana spreads across the world, Canada is leading the way. Canada was the first G7 nation to legalize the adult recreational use of cannabis in 2018. After a few expected regulatory and supply chain hurdles, the industry is stabilizing, and poised for massive growth. With regulatory and […]

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