The Best ETF Swing Trading Indicators

wlthempire | April 5, 2022

There are several different type of indicators that ETF traders use for market entry and exit. Most ETF indicators are based on technical analysis and technical chart patterns This report will outline the basic type of indicators that work best for ETF Swing Trading. Before I get into specifics, you need to understand that here are three basic type […]

The Best Swing Trading System In The World

wlthempire | March 28, 2022

The Best Swing Trading System In The World During the last few months, I received over one hundred emails from traders asking me what the best swing trading system is and how they can purchase or create such a system for themselves. I thought I would write an article detailing this important topic so traders […]

Identifying High Probability Breakout Stocks

wlthempire | March 22, 2022

Highest Probability Patterns For Breakout Stocks Finding breakout stocks is both an art and a science. Traders rely on visual analysis as well as technical indicators to help them find high probability set ups that produce less false breakout signals. Inside Day Pattern The first pattern is a bullish inside day pattern. The pattern is […]

What Every Smart Investor Should Know about Market Pullbacks

wlthempire | March 15, 2022

Here’s a lesson in greed and fear. Early October 2018 was quite painful for the average investor. The major indices fell out of the sky. The tech-heavy NASDAQ fell from 8,100 to 7,300. The S&P 500 dropped from 2,925 to 2,725. And, after hitting an all-time high of 26,951, the Dow Jones Industrials plummeted 1,400 points. Of […]

How To Trade Channel Breakouts

wlthempire | February 22, 2022

During the last month I received a few emails from traders who are just getting started. They were happy with the advice I was providing but wanted to know some easy swing trading method for anyone to follow. I decided to give specifics this time around, so that beginners can try and actually follow along […]

Bollinger Bands Strategy – How To Trade The Squeeze

wlthempire | February 14, 2022

The Squeeze Is One Bollinger Bands Strategy You Need To Know Today I’m going to discuss a great Bollinger Bands Strategy. Over the years I’ve seen many trading strategies come and go. What typically happens is a trading strategy works well on specific market conditions and becomes very popular. Once the market conditions change, the […]

Technical Analysis Patterns – Continuation Patterns

wlthempire | February 8, 2022

What Is The Symmetrical Triangle The Symmetrical Triangle is a chart pattern that is recognized by the distinct shape created by two converging trend-lines. The pattern is identified by drawing two trend-lines that connect a series of sequentially lower peaks and a series of sequentially higher troughs. Both trend-lines act as support and resistance levels […]

Stock Sector Analysis and Relative Strength

wlthempire | February 1, 2022

What You Need To Know About Stock Sector Analysis Many years ago when I first started trading I was completely oblivious of stock sector analysis. I was under the impression that each stock traded completely independent of other stocks. My logic was based on the fact that each company is a separate entity and doesn’t really […]

Support And Resistance Trading Tactics

wlthempire | January 25, 2022

Support And Resistance Trading Methods Work In Range Bound Markets One of the best ways for beginners to get their feet wet is to learn simple support and resistance trading strategies. Often times beginners who know very little about financial markets begin with advanced techniques that can land them in hot water very quickly if […]

Best Technical Analysis Methods for Options Trading

wlthempire | January 18, 2022

Unlike traditional assets, options offer traders the flexibility that comes with different calls, puts, strike prices and expiration dates; not to mention the ability to create hundreds of different types of spreads and combinations to take advantage of different types of market conditions, volatility disparity as well as seasonal tendencies. Most options traders anticipate three […]

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