EV charger maker Tritium wins order from Hawaii under federal funding program

Reuters | July 11, 2023

By Abhirup Roy SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Tritium DCFC said on Tuesday it had won an order from Hawaii to make high-speed electric vehicle chargers – the first funds to roll out in a federal program meant to blanket the country with charging infrastructure and boost EV adoption. The U.S. government plans to dole out […]

Tesla cuts prices in Japan for Model 3 and Y

Reuters | July 5, 2023

TOKYO (Reuters) – Tesla Inc cut prices in Japan of its Model 3 and Y electric vehicles by low single-digit percentages from the start of this month, it said on Tuesday. The company slashed prices for all variants of its lower-priced Model 3 by about 3%, its website showed, while reducing those of all Model […]

Ford finds international investor for German plant in Saarlouis

Reuters | June 30, 2023

HAMBURG (Reuters) – Ford has found what it described as a major international investor for the U.S. carmaker’s German plant in Saarlouis and has signed initial agreements together with the western state of Saarland, it said at a works meeting at the plant on Friday. “This is an excellent basis for further negotiations, with the […]

Indictment details plan to steal Samsung secrets for Foxconn China project

Reuters | June 27, 2023

By Ju-min Park and Heekyong Yang SEOUL (Reuters) – When former Samsung executive Choi Jinseog won a contract with Taiwan’s Foxconn in 2018, he tapped his former employer’s supplier network to steal secrets to help his new client set up a chip factory in China, an indictment by South Korean prosecutors alleges. Prosecutors announced the […]

Indian PM Modi wraps up Washington trip with appeal to tech CEOs

Reuters | June 23, 2023

By Steve Holland, Simon Lewis and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with U.S. and Indian technology executives in Washington on Friday, the final day of a state visit where he agreed new defense and technology cooperation and addressed challenges posed by China. U.S. President Joe Biden rolled out the red […]

Ford chairman says US can’t yet compete with China on EVs – CNN interview

Reuters | June 18, 2023

(Reuters) – Ford Motor Executive Chairman Bill Ford said the United States was not ready yet to compete with China in the production of electric vehicles. “They developed very quickly, and they developed them in large scale. And now they’re exporting them,” Ford told CNN’s ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’ Sunday program. “They’re not here but they’ll […]

Chinese President Xi meets Bill Gates, calls him ‘an old friend’

Reuters | June 16, 2023

BEIJING (Reuters) -Chinese President Xi Jinping called Bill Gates “an old friend” and said he hoped they could cooperate in a way that would benefit both China and the United States, in Xi’s first meeting with a foreign entrepreneur in years. In a meeting at Beijing’s Diaoyutai state guest house, where China’s leaders have traditionally […]

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter target of EU crypto advertising complaint

Reuters | June 9, 2023

By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Meta Platforms’ Instagram, Alphabet’s YouTube, TikTok and Twitter could face regulatory action after European consumer group BEUC complained to the European Commission and consumer authorities that the online platforms allegedly facilitate the misleading promotion of crypto assets. U.S. regulators suing crypto platforms Coinbase and Binance, along with last […]

Big Tobacco faces big EU counterfeit problem

Reuters | June 1, 2023

By Richa Naidu, Emma Pinedo and Emilio Parodi MADRID (Reuters) – Spanish police raided three clandestine tobacco factories early this year, seizing nearly 40 million euros ($44 million) worth of tobacco leaf and illicit cigarettes. At one, in the northern town of Alfaro, they found 10 Ukrainian workers, five of them war refugees, who’d been […]

Elon Musk greeted with flattery and feasts during China trip

Reuters | May 31, 2023

By Martin Quin Pollard BEIJING (Reuters) -Billionaire Elon Musk was showered with praise during a trip to China this week, with people on social media calling him “a pioneer”, “Brother Ma” and “a global idol” while the CEO of Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX and other companies also met in person with three government ministers. Since landing […]

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