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Midterm Elections: What History Tells Us About Volatility

Months ahead of 2018 midterm elections, fear ran rampant of a changing of the guard.

If the Republicans retain leadership, we’re greatly optimistic we could see 35,000 on the Dow Jones Industrials, argued some. In fact, some argue that tax reform is likely to leave many Republicans relatively unscathed in 2018, and perhaps put them on solid ground by 2020, too.



Seven Top Stocks for Hurricane Season 2018

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the worst on record.

All thanks to infamous trio of Harvey, Irma and Maria.


Dow Jones Industrial Average: Why 30,000 is a Real Possibility

The bull market is now more than 3,400 days old.

And there are no clear signs it’ll end – at least, not anytime soon.

Second Hand Profits: Three Surprising Stocks with Pot Exposure

With the world quickly catching the marijuana buzz, it only makes sense that some of the biggest companies in the world would want a piece of the potential.



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