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Solar Stocks Slowly Rising from the Ashes

Slowly but surely, solar stocks began to rise from the ashes in August 2018.

Thanks in part to Daqo New Energy (DQ).

Not only did the company post stronger than expected earnings with EPS of $1.36, beating estimates for 94 cents, it beat revenue estimates by 6.78% with $66.95 billion.



Marijuana IPO: Tilray’s Smoking Hot Debut

Legal weed won’t arrive in Canada until October 2018.

But in late July 2018, it appears investors caught the buzz a bit early with Tilray (TLRY)


Private Prison Stocks: Where Immigration is Profitable

Apparently, private prison stocks are no longer on death row.

In the final months of the Obama Administration, the Justice Department announced it would end the use of private prisons. Sally Yates, the former deputy attorney general even directed the Bureau of Prisons to withdraw or decline contracts for private prison operators, noting they compared poorly. 

Update on Augmented Reality Stocks

By far, Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world.

All it has to do is make a simple mention of a potential idea that may or may not happen, and traders go wild with anticipation.

At least, that’s what just happened in February 2017.



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