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Marijuana Boom: Up in Smoke? Think Again.

Marijuana may still be one of the most controversial topics.

But it’s quickly proven itself to be one of the most profitable.

All thanks to marijuana… and now, Donald Trump?

Yep, in early 2018, the Trump bump added even more momentum to the sector.



Crude Oil: What Really Drives Oil Prices

Oil is always a fickle beast.

One day, prices are gushing higher as tensions with Russia boil over Syria.

The next day, oil prices pull back as tensions fade, and as traders assume that neither Russia nor Iran would retaliate for the weekend strikes from the U.S., France and the U.K.


Lithium Battery Stocks: Get a Piece of a $93.1 Billion Opportunity

By now you’re well aware of the excitement brewing with the electric vehicle (EV) boom.

We already know that BMW is now aiming to sell 500,000 electric vehicles globally by the end of 2019.  Volvo has pledged to produce every car model with an electric motor by 2019.

General Motors said it would launch 10 electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles in China by 2020 as part of its plan to make and sell EVs in that country. 

Stock Spotlight: Amazon and the President

Apparently, Donald Trump and have some bad blood.

However, don’t let it scare you away from buying the stock. Instead, on Trump-tweeting induced weakness, it’s actually a solid opportunity.

In late February 2017, the President tweeted his concerns that Amazon does not pay enough taxes and its pays too little to the U.S. Postal Service to deliver. The President also argued that Amazon’s current tax deal “is closing stores all over the country.”



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